#27 When Breast Feeding Doesn't go to Plan with IBCLC Kate Visser


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All throughout pregnancy, midwives, GP’s, friends and strangers alike, remind us of the importance of breastfeeding. By the time women give birth, they have well and truly internalized the message that “breast is best.”
However, while our society promotes breastfeeding, it does not protect it.
Medical interventions, mother-baby separation, inadequate lactation support and paid parental leave, all mean that mothers face an uphill battle in establishing and maintain breastfeeding.
As a result, few women meet their personal goals for their breastfeeding journey.
Whether you breastfeed for a day or a year, stopping before you are ready can lead to feelings of grief. In a well meaning attempt to reassure mothers that their babies will thrive no matter how they are fed (and they absolutely will) we often overlook, or completely dismiss, women’s own feelings about their feeding journey.
Today's guest knows exactly what it feels like when breastfeeding does not go to plan. Kate is an experienced midwife, nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant from the NSW Central Coast. She is a proud mama of 3 and knows what it’s like to need professional breastfeeding support that is holistic and timely.
Throughout this episode unpack the notion of “breast is best.” How our society promotes but does not protect breastfeeding. Why breastfeeding sometimes does not always go to plan and why it is never your fault.
Most importantly, we hold space for all women, regardless of their feeding experiences or feelings.
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