#26 Supporting Men Through Their Trasition to Parenthood w/ Steven Kennedy from Birthing Dads


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In this week's episode we chat to Steven Kennedy who is the founder of Birthing Dad's and the PREPARE Foundation.

In his past life, Steven was a sparky, an engineer and an actor.

In 2017 Steven welcomed his little boy into the world.

Despite having invested heavily in birth preparation, Steven recalls this experience as being traumatic for both parents. Born by emergency c-section with an APGAR score of 1, their little boy required extensive resuscitation and spent the first 12 hours of his life in special care.

This experience drove Steven to begin researching the topic of 'men at birth' and the wider implications of the cesarean and birth trauma rates that define modern childbirth.

Steven concluded that most expectant fathers are not adequately prepared for the experience of witnessing childbirth – even though 95% of dads are now placed in a critical birth support role. He also realised that very little was being done to provide dads with the knowledge and confidence required to support birth effectively.

This led Steven to create Birthing Dad's.

Birthing Dads is an evidence-based antenatal education program aimed at providing men with a simple how to guide to enjoy pregnancy, support birth like a superhero and breeze into fatherhood with a smooth landing.

Throughout this episode Steven speaks vulnerably about his transition to fatherhood, the traumatic birth of his child, how men can support their partners throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and importantly, how we can better support men through this life changing transition.

To find out more about Birthing Dad's: Birthingdads.com.au
(Listeners can use the coupon code "Matrescence" to get 20% off their advanced program.

To see the important work that the PREPARE foundation is doing: https://prepare.org.au/

To read Stevens blog post on the role of father's in childbirth (mentioned in the episode): https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/elephant-room-steven-kennedy

Connect with Steven on Instagram: @birthingdads

Link to men's mental health support services and resources (mentioned in the episode)




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