MPP 019: You're Not Alone: Newlyweds Share Their Ups and Downs with In-Laws


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In-laws: we all have them (or will someday), but a lot of times talking about our relationships with them can be a touchy subject. You've probably heard the horror stories about the helicopter mother-in-law who won't give you any space, or the over-bearing father-in-law who will try to control your lives. Whatever your feelings about in-laws, the more you think about and prepare for life with them the smoother the transition will be and the less conflict you will have in your own marriage.
In this episode, we interview two recently married couples, Brayden and Maddi Harris and Brennan and Marriah Starks about their experiences with their in-laws. We hope hearing their stories-- both good and bad-- will show you that 1) you aren't alone in your struggles with in-laws, and that it's totally normal to have them and 2) you can absolutely work things out and have a better experience going forward. We hope you enjoy!
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