MPP 017: From 1000 Dates to Happily Married - The Key to an Adventurous Marriage with Author Zack and Annie Oates


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Believe us, getting married can be really scary. There is an expectation that you need to become an adult and grow up all at once. You might even think that marriage will be a lot less fun than what your single life. Sometimes this unfortunately is the case but that decisions is completely up to you and your partner!
In this episode dating expert and author of “Dating Never Works… Until It Does: 100 Lessons from 1000 Dates” Zack Oates and his wife Annie expound on how they make their marriage an adventure every single day and why they wouldn’t trade their marriage for 1 million dates!
If you’re struggling with the thought that getting married needs to change your identity or you will miss out on a lot of fun experiences in your single life then this episode is for you!
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