MPP 016: What's for Dinner? - Master Mealtime and Find Connection with BYU Foods Professor Dana Hunter


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As newlyweds, unless we the hit the jackpot with a spouse that loves cooking, we get stuck on a diet of fast food, freezer meals, Ramen and Hot Pockets and just thinking about that diet makes my stomach hurt! But it can be difficult when
1. You don't know what to cook and
2. You don't know how to cook it!
Not only do we miss out on nutrition with this diet but we also miss on some incredible opportunities for connections
Here in this episode, we bring on food and nutrition expect Dana Hunter to help us to become masters of mealtime! We discuss the importance of eating meals together and how make that time as effective as possible. Dana also dives into the "how-to's" giving great tips on specific recipes to make, ways to save money on groceries, and strategies and systems to make meals a breeze! Time to take your food game, and your marriage, to the next level!
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