MPP 010: Spiritual Devotion - Reduce the Likelihood of Divorce by 240%


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You read that right. 240% just through regular church attendance! That's crazy... or is it? When you really think about it, when was the last time you remember a couple that faithfully and continuously attended church and practiced their faith who then got divorced. It does happen for sure but it is much more rare. This is because when you attend church regularly that typically means you are also living life in the way you should according to the principles that God has set out for us! There are so many blessing that come with this lifestyle and marriage stability is at the top of the list!
In this episode Allie and Nathan discuss how religious participation can make a massive difference for your marriage! They share some incredible statistics from that really opened their eyes to the power of spirituality and religion to strengthen marriage. They discuss in depth why religion benefits marriage to such a degree and they give the real, actionable steps you can take now to strengthen your marriage and your relationship with God and your partner!
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