MPP 008: Sexual Intimacy - A Comprehensive Guide For Your Wedding Night


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Sexual intimacy is one of the most crucial aspects of having a successful marriage. In many cases sexual intimacy can make or break your marriage! Issues with sexual intimacy is one of the most common culprits in divorce so getting your married life started on the right foot sexually can make all of the difference for your marriage!
In this episode Allie and Nathan get personal and talk about the wedding night! If you are saving yourself for marriage like Allie and Nathan did, then this episode will be invaluable for you! It can be difficult to find appropriate and informative resources to learn about sex so Allie and Nathan lay it all out on the table for you! Giving tips on preparation, items to have, good girl/good boy syndrome and more! Even giving specific and tailored advice for both men and women! This is a great episode to listen to learn more about one of the best, and most nerve-wracking parts of your wedding day!
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