Why You're Stuck In Your Comfort Zone & How To Move Through (Ep. 94)


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In this episode I talk about:

01:35 The reason you’re unfulfilled

03:50 The true meaning of fulfillment

05:00 What discomfort feels like

07:12 Importance of embracing your emotions

09:43 The relationship between narcissism and success

10:34 How empaths hold themselves back

12:48 Knowing your soul’s purpose

13:42 Identifying & accepting your shadow self

04:09 Please do not be fooled by what you see on social media by people showing a certain lifestyle, your best life doesn’t need validation

05:28 If you can build the skill and it’s a skill, to sit with the discomfort and ask what the discomfort is there to teach you. There is so much power on the other side of the that, because here’s the thing, if you are not living your biggest life right now it is because you are afraid of your own emotions

12:37 Don’t decide to be comfortable because guys, what is now your comfort zone will soon be unbearable, for whom? not your human body, your soul

13:15 You are not meant to stay in your comfort zone, you’re meant to heal, you’re meant to expand, you’re meant to do greater work in this world

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