Staying True To Your Vision With Ash Matkovic (Ep. 82)


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In this episode you’ll learn:

(02:43) Ash’s inspiration for starting her business and how it evolved

(06:47) How Fuzion Biz Co facilitates community building and making new friends

(10:30) Her early business challenges

(14:40) Surviving tough times

(17:25) Turning her pain into purpose

(20:59) Her most significant personal achievement

(25:17) Word of encouragement to aspiring entrepreneurs

(16:50) That painful point in your life, created such a memory for you that now you are serving from that pain. But not the pain is not driving you anymore but you created so much purpose that now you are serving woman because of that pain

(20:45) One of the limiting beliefs that I want to help in eliminating for people is that, as business woman we have to sacrifice other areas of our life

(22:51) Your child doesn’t owe you anything

(22:57) It’s giving your daughter permission to chase her dreams and I think that’s one of the most important things we can do as woman, is look at me chasing my dreams, you are a woman, you are a mother, but you are so much more and that gives them permission to do the same, unapologetically

Ashley Matkovic is the Founder and CEO of Fuzion Biz Co , WA's leading community of POWERHOUSE female entrepreneurs. She is ranked as one of the Top Female CEOs to watch in 2021, set out and succeeded to turn traditional business networking on a new level. Nearly 10 years after her first event, her business has 350 active members, has hosted 150 events which has undoubtedly sparked thousands of friendships between likeminded business women.

Check out Ashley's website @ to learn how you can work with her. Connect with Ashley on Facebook @ashmatkovic and Instagram @ashmatkovic.

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