Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs To Achieve Your Dreams (Ep. 65)


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In this episode we talk about:

(02:41) Identifying your zone of genius

(04:00) Doing everything yourself means you can’t scale your business

(04:23) Reflect on your pattern and the self-limiting story that creates this pattern

(05:23) Understanding that employees take time to become exceptional

(07:40) Understanding our brain and consciously creating new neural pathways

(09:25) Becoming resourceful and stepping out of the victim mindset

(10:10) Asking better questions for better outcomes

(10:27) How to overcome self-limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Can you think of some of yours? How have these false perceptions impacted your life?

For many of us they’ve held us back from stepping into something greater, just as mine almost did in my business. But just because we’ve believed something up to this point doesn’t mean we have to continue believing it.

By better understanding our brain and how it likes to take the quickest most efficient route (i.e., subconscious beliefs) we can begin to rewire our brain and create new neural pathways.

What limiting story about yourself, your relationships or your business are you ready to let go of now? Send me a DM and let me know!

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