How We Misunderstand Hustle & Flow (Ep. 80)


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In this episode I talk about:

(00:56) Back story of our podcast rebrand

(03:30) Differentiating between Hustle & Flow

(05:57) Optimal amount of time to hustle

(06:06) Why breaks improve performance

(07:28) Taking inspired action is critical to manifestation

(08:38) How to get into flow state

(09:08) We don’t know what that person is thinking and feeling on the inside. We can see how they are presenting on the outside. And you have to understand some of this is branding as well like ‘hustle hard’ can be perceived as a badge of honor, like I hustled hard for this. But we don't know the level of enjoyment they are having, we don't know their real life experience, so I think sometimes in this world we confuse someone who is in a serious flow state, especially an artist or people who are in a creative mode. We see them work for eight hours straight without break in the middle of the night and think, that person is a hustler but really that person is in flow state.

(10:03) To get to flow sometimes people think it is either you are in the mood or you’re not. No, you need to have discipline. This is why I advocate for both. You need to be ready to hustle. Like, do you want it or not? And you have to be able to relax and receive it. It’s both.

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