How To Overcome Perfectionism (Ep. 73)


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In this episode I talk about:

(00:51) Defining perfectionism

(04:01) Examples of perfectionist thinking

(06:04) Examples of perfectionist behaviours

(10:29) Identify whether you have any perfectionist thinking or perfectionist behaviour

(10:40) Focus on service, not yourself

(11:51) Set realistic standards

(12:33) Face worst-case scenarios

(14:47) Affirm your inner child

(11:21) If you’re here to serve and you’re here to help women and you’re here to give a message and you’re here to support them and to inspire them, then focus on that. Sometimes when we’re a perfectionist coz we have made it about us; our ego has made it about us. Make it about who you are about to help, who you are about to serve. Unless you put that post up unless you do that video you’re not helping anybody. So, it might not be perfect but at least it’s done!

(14:58) If we affirmed our inner child and if I felt so confident myself and I felt like so qualified to do, to serve, to talk, to write and all of the things, then I will just put my stuff up there

and not even think twice about it. But it’s because there’s that level of insecurity, it’s because there’s that level of imposter syndrome, it’s because there’s that level of fear of judgement, that we’re hesitant. But if we’re not judging ourselves, then we don’t fear judgement from others.

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