How To Maintain A Fulfilling Relationship with Daniel Colosi (Ep. 71)


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In this episode we talk about:

(01:47) Acknowledging the dip, responding quickly

(03:14) Building a healthy relationships takes work

(06:50) Taking responsibility for our own energy or how we are showing up

(08:16) Importance of decluttering our mind through social media detox

(10:02) How to stay grounded in our own energy

(11:30) Having a shared vision

(13:59) The one-percenter or doing that extra little bit

(17:40) Prioritizing intimacy as understood by both people

(07:59) So one of the things for me in terms of owning my energy and what I am bringing to the table was like identifying how I was buffering or how I was avoiding my uncomfortable emotions.

(16:26) If you want to grow your relationship, you need to up that by one percent; so there is the one-percent of maintaining your relationship then you need to add another percent if you want to grow your relationship. So relationships, like everything else, you’re either growing our dying there is no standing still because we are evolving as people whether we like it or not, whether we’re consciously growing or not we’re all still evolving at some capacity. You tend to outgrow each other or grow in different directions if you’re not consciously putting an effort so I would say, yeah, do those little things that you did in the beginning and then some if you want to take your relationship to the next level.

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