How Fear Of Judgement Blocks Opportunity with Lucia La Rosa


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In this episode Lucia and I talk about:

(03:32) How Lucia started her business from scratch

(09:54) The biggest misconception about network marketing

(12:46) How network marketing builds wealth fast

(17:23) Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

(20:00) Exploring beyond the traditional path of success

(21:50) How to adopt the right mindset for success

(35:32) Network marketing versus traditional business

(09:02) If we don’t open our eyes to possibilities we are literally limiting our lives and we’re so scared of judgment from people who are not contributing to our bank account, who are not contributing to our dreams

(17:33) You can teach people how to market themselves, you can have the best product, you can teach them how to sell, how to talk but if their mindset and all of their limiting beliefs are still there, it won’t work, it really won't work

(18:19) This is how corporate will lose more to network marketing because they are not feeding their people. And the end of the day, people want to be their best, people want growth

(24:35) Every No is one step closer to Yes

(26:46) When you’re living for other people’s expectations, you're a slave. You are not in this world to be a slave. You are a free powerful being. You’re here to do you, to be you and to provide your family and the world with the better you

(45:58) Put the ego aside. Find the right group and stick to it. We need other humans to succeed

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