Heal Your Relationship With Money With Petia Kolibova (Ep. 79)


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In this episode Petia and I talk about:

(00:31) All things manifestation practices and healthy lifestyle

(13:50) Trusting and giving your mind evidence

(15:31) How to create abundance

(16:41) Know what lights you up

(19:31) Shifting from scarcity to abundance mindset

(20:34) Disconnecting from the world and reconnect to your highest self

(15:33) When I trust, when I surrender, I relax, when I relax, I become magnetic. And that’s what it’s all about it’s the energy of being magnetic to the relationship with money, with clients, to the sponsors, to whoever can bring you the abundance you have be relaxed to receive it, because if you’re tense, if you’re freaking out, you’re closed off

(23:02) Have compassion for yourself because we are so hard on ourselves. We think we feel guilty, we feel ashamed, we feel like I should know better, I should do better, I should have my stuff together. Have compassion for yourself, loving you like you are loving on your best friend or on your love ones

(24:23) Create something that you can do consistently that will feel good to you and I can promise you, where you are today is not going to be next year; it can change drastically.

About our guest:

Petia is holistic abundance coach and earth angel who pairs feminine flow with strategic planning to give entrepreneurs immense clarity and the exact steps to go from sidehustler to CEO. She is the host of the top rated Unapologetically Abundant podcast and one of the most beautiful soul's I've met.

Check out Petia's website http://petiakolibova.com/ to learn how you can work with her.

Connect with Petia on Facebook @petiakolibova and instagram @petiakolibova

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