3 Reasons To Start Before You're Ready (Ep. 81)


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In this episode I talk about:

(01:01) My program development journey

(01:52) The perfect time doesn't exist

(04:32) Action creates momentum

(05:30) The compounding effect

(05:56) Creating a body of work

(06:40) Factors that prevent us from taking action

(05:58) Each thing that you do, each live that you do, each story that you do, each thing that you created not only is building your skill set so that you are honing that skill, you are working toward becoming a master at your craft.

(08:39) My love if that dream came to you, that dream is for you. And it is your responsibility to chase it, there is no perfect time. The perfect time is now. You begin with what you have because what you have is enough. You are enough!

(07:01) To become an expert you actually have to do the things you wanna be to an expert at. You don’t just practice in your bedroom at home, not in the playing field and then open your door and you are an expert. No, you become an expert and you become elite by going out there and playing in the field.

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