15 Signs You Have Trapped Emotions In Your Body (Ep. 72)


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In this episode I talk about:

(00:37) What is trapped emotions

(01:42) You experience discomfort when other people talked about their feelings

(02:14) You regularly feel numb, blank or a pathetic

(03:16) You are forgetful and have a foggy mind

(03:41) You feel tired for no reason

(04:13) You always need to be in control

(04:42) Your regularly overreact

(05:06) You are passive aggressive and complex

(05:29) You frequently feel nervous, low, or stress without clear cause

(06:09) You avoid being alone with your thoughts

(06:50) You use food, social media, TV, sex and other distractions to keep you from failing

(07:17) You are too agreeable and don’t express your desire

(07:49) You are always sick

(08:39) You may have weight management issues

(09:14) You have poor sleeping habits

(09:49) You may have low self-esteem and low self-worth

(02:53) An emotion gets trapped in our body when we haven’t expressed it because an emotion, is energy emotion and energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed.

(07:57) No emotion is good or bad, every emotion just is.

(09:58) When we don't allow you to be you as in I have this emotion, I’m feeling this emotion, I’m gonna express this emotion, I’m gonna release this emotion in a healthy manner. You are shutting off a piece of yourself when you don’t let yourself express, you are making yourself wrong.

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