Boundaries Won't Work Unless You Do This First (Ep. 83)


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In this episode I talk about:

(01:08) The how-tos of establishing boundaries

(02:45) The connection between boundaries and your worthiness

(03:56) What unhealthy boundaries look like

(04:27) The guide in knowing your worthiness

(06:19) Align your values to make your boundaries clearer

(02:23) We have to understand that we’re multi-faceted, that we’re inter-dimensional, that everything is connected to everything and that we can’t set boundaries and establish boundaries and then maintain them and stand in our power if we don’t feel worthy

(07:16) Think of someone that has a life that you want or people that have different things that you want and know that because you desire it, makes you worthy. You are worthy of it now and so the work isn’t to figure out one more tactic or strategy but to connect with that inner child within you, to integrate that shadow and to just step into your worthiness

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