Become An Empowered Woman Free 5 Day Challenge Invite (Ep. 90)


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In this episode I talk about:

03:01 What my Free 5 Day Challenge covers

04:38 Inner child Healing

05:22 The concept of trauma

07:36 Shadow work

10:47 Emotional Intelligence

13:32 Feminine/Masculine energy

18:12 Embodiment

19:23 Understanding the impact of trauma

21:18 The multifaceted healing journey

09:51 Anything that is hidden in the dark has power over us. Anything that we don’t integrate, create misalignment in our being

10:13 Shadow is a key to our true potential, our shadow holds our unlimited power

11:25 Authentic success is reaching that mountain top but not destroying your relationships along the way

11:47 For you to maintain your emotional wellbeing, we need to build up that emotional intelligence, we need to display emotional maturity and we need to increase that emotional resilience because we know that our emotion ‘energy in emotion’ impacts our overall health

15:13 We think when we are in our wounded, we think we can get our man to do what we want by being jealous or by telling him what to do, by looking at his phone or by being like you better be home at this time or being like I don’t need you. All of that is wounded, none of that works, that’s not how you keep a man, you keep a man, you adore a man, you honor your king by being in your divine feminine but to be in your divine feminine means you need to stop wearing the masculine mask

18:57 You are a goddess and a goddess lives within you. You have that God element in you. You’re the feminine expression of God

20:10 When you are fully present you are embodied, when I’m fully present I can feel everything. When we are fully in our body, we get to maximize the power of our physical senses and our intuition

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