Ep. 29 - Origins One, How I Became Fathered by God


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Men--MANY men--have pain rooted in their concept of fatherhood. Whether they don't know their dad, they do know their dad but he hurt them, or they don't know how to BE a dad. This concept of fatherhood and fatherlessness is one that has had a crippling effect on our culture. And tragically, too often we don't actually experience God as our Father. We believe he is one, but we don't truly know it. We don't feel it. We have never had a real interaction with him as such, even if we give mental assent to it.

In this episode, Matt shares how he discovered God as his Father, springing out of the deep pain and disconnect he had from his own dad. A call to men to find the Lord as their Father for themselves.

  • How a dad can wound or affirm his son.
  • The reason many men feel a thin veil between themselves and their world. Like they can never fully connect and be known.
  • The single most impactful verse that Jesus used to reveal himself as Father to Matt during his junior year of high school.

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