Ep. 21 - Being a Strong, Confident, and Attractive Father and Husband: Thoughts about baby #3 arriving yesterday


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Today, my third daughter was born. Today, I'm a better man than I was before.⁠

I'm telling you, gentlemen: TRANSFORMATION IS POSSIBLE.⁠

When my first two daughters were born, I was nervous. Not about whether or not I'd be a good dad. I was fairly confident about that. No, I was nervous that somehow I wouldn't get as much attention from my wife anymore.⁠

I was selfishly nervous about losing her time, affection, and attention. I was acting like a boy. I was approaching my wife from a manipulative place of neediness. I was afraid of not having enough of what I needed.⁠

Today, I'm not that same man. I'm joyful. I'm grounded. I'm confident that this new baby girl is a gift. She poses no threat to my well-being, to my connection with my wife, to my happiness. She can only add value, not take it away.⁠

My wife and I are strong. I am strong. Jesus is strong. And thank him this new baby is strong.⁠

You can change, men. You CAN become the man you were meant to be. You CAN live in power and confidence and strength as a covering over your family. Jesus is King and he raises up warriors. That includes you.⁠

Head to www.manwarriorking.com to contact me and let me know how I can pray for your transformation. We are in this together.

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