Ep. 10 - Want to Change Your Life? Learn How to Experience God


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If you're anything like many, many men in the church, you've felt incredibly frustrated by the fact that you know a lot about God. Maybe you grew up in church and can recite every book of the Bible, all the big-hitter verses, etc. Or maybe you can't--maybe you are newer to this whole thing, but still, you can't shake the fact that this is all just head knowledge and God doesn't actually seem ALIVE.

In this episode, you'll become more Man Warrior King as you discover:

  • How to move from a lifeless head knowledge about God, into a vibrant, supernatural, REAL experience of his personal presence.

  • The power behind prayer that doesn't settle for less, doesn't back down.

  • The kind of gospel that Jesus demonstrated, and that we should live in.

  • The type of God that the Bible portrays, who is very different from the one we're used to.

  • Key promises from God himself in the book of Jeremiah that will propel you to not quit in your praying, and prove to you that praying is not a dumb waste of time.

  • How to stop talking yourself OUT of the power of God, and how to actually BELIEVE him, like a kid.

  • The one goal of your praying that will help pave the way for the broken things in your life to begin changing.

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