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You want to live a life on fire and on mission. You want to be filled with such conviction and drive that you stop caring about what ANYone thinks. You want to face each day alive, authentic, and fully present in every moment: with your wife, kids, on the street, at the gym, at work. You want to bring yourSELF to the table, and to stop bringing the watered-down, nice, what everyone wants version of you. You want that self to be a man who is burning in passion for Jesus, unafraid to bring his kingdom to anyone in your path, no matter the cost. You want to love the one in front of you without fear, without needing love back, and without reserve. You want to experience God for real, to not just believe, but to KNOW that he’s got you and that he’ll show up on your behalf. That he’ll show up THROUGH you. You want to get to the end of your race and say, “Yep…I gave it everything. Jesus, you know I’m all in.” ...And you want to know just how to get there. Welcome to Man Warrior King. Congratulations. You are among the violent taking the kingdom by force. You are among the chosen, answering the call to rise above your self. You are in the forge being stripped down and strengthened—and you WILL rise stronger, solid, unshakeable. You are a man. You are a warrior. You are a king.

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