79: Alex Ferreira on Mindfulness, Success, and Skiing


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Welcome to Episode 79 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week we are excited to welcome professional skier, Alex Ferreira, onto the show to learn more about his mental health evolution as an Olympic athlete.

We kick things off as Mason asks Alex about his training routine, as Alex speaks to the tools he utilizes on a daily basis, such as meditation and affirmations, to support his mental health (6:39). Alex talks about the evolution of his mindset leading up to competition (8:27) before the two get into a conversation about the feelings that come after wins and losses (13:59).

Mason asks Alex about his entrance into the ski world (17:22), before Alex shares his thoughts on how the sport has evolved since he started and where he sees it going in the future with new technologies becoming more readily available to top tier younger talent (23:19).

The two discuss Alex’s future competition goals (29:25) before wrapping up as Alex shares more about his experience at the 2022 Olympics and the lessons he learned from the experience in Tokyo (35:25).

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