Episode #477 Coach Debbie Potts & Kirsten Flanagan on Athlete Fueling


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The 'Low Carb Athlete' Podcast with Kirsten Flanagan

Kirsten Flanagan BSc Human Physiology & Biochemistry Medical Honors in Exercise Science Currently responsible for business development at TAILORBLEND, I am driven to bring personalized nutrition to more people around the world. I have had the unique opportunity to work alongside some incredible mentors, including Shawn Wells, early on in my career who have guided me, and ultimately lead me to develop a global network in the nutrition, health & wellness space. My passion for health optimization and biohacking (using science and technology to improve human performance), keeps me actively learning and researching these areas, looking for new applications in the evolving health, wellness & fitness space. I love being able to optimize one’s ability to perform better through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies. Based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, but I love to travel and work remotely. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirsten-flanagan/ @kirstflan - https://www.instagram.com/kirstflan/ www.tailorblend.co.za @tailorblend - https://www.instagram.com/tailorblend/


As an athlete myself, competing in endurance sports at an international level, I grew my passion for nutrition and how we can use it to fuel our bodies for optimal performance. With more knowledge and experience under my belt, I know love helping people realize their full potential when it comes to nourishing and 'hacking' their bodies to bring them back to full health.

Questions: Conversation on …

  1. Metabolic flexibility - carb timing, fueling for performance AND sustainable health.
  2. Protein intake; why is it so important? How much, when and can you have too much?
  3. Supplements, are they necessary, how do you know what you need & how to personalize your supplement strategy.
  4. Training as a lifestyle. Importance of exercise and how to make your training part of your lifestyle.

Upcoming Events:

Project: working on expanding our company TAILORBLEND. We’re the first company to create 100% personalized nutritional supplements. It is super fascinating to me how people are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about diet and nutrition - what it takes to be healthy. "Functional blends" are becoming a thing - like Athletic Greens type thing - blends where you can get all the nutrients you need to avoid deficiency, but also to function optimally. Now with all these health tests we can gather heaps of health data and essentially create something that is 100% unique and suited to you - your own unique AG.. Supplements are becoming incorporated into our daily life, whether it's your creamer, bars, breakfast etc. - and I’m intrigued and excited by this change! Handfuls of pills are a think of the past. I'm helping organize a wellness retreat with Pavel Stuchlik (@NOAAON_official) in Cape Town, South Africa. Focus is detox and breathwork. March 2023.

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