Episode #476 Narado Zeco Powell on Metabolic Flexibility


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Narado Zeco Powell was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and as a child, he was underweight. When he moved to the United States at age 16, he was 5’11” and weighed 113 pounds. By age 18, he was inspired to learn more about fitness and nutrition and took a special interest in fitness. He spent 18 years educating himself by reading evidence based scientific articles, learning from mentors and trying different techniques. In 2018, he decided that he wanted to use his knowledge to help others.

Zeco is a Certified Lumen Metabolic Coach & carries 7 fitness and nutrition certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association.

He shares his knowledge with others via several social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. He is passionate about educating others and hopes to continue to learn, grow and adapt so that he can bring the most up to date and actionable content to his clients, followers and subscribers.

You can learn more about Zeco & his work on his weight management podcast, The Matter Over Mind Experience. Listen & subscribe on Spotify, Amazon, Google, or Apple Podcasts.


Conversational Topics include:

1. Why do most weight-loss approaches fail?

2. What is metabolic flexibility & how is it connected to weight management?

3. How can someone achieve metabolic flexibility?

4. What roles do workouts play in achieving metabolic flexibility?

Lumen is lumen.me and use code for $50 discount is zecohealth

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