Episode #427 with Dr. Melanie and Intuitive Healing


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Dr. Melanie is back again for Part Two Episode on Intuitive health coaching!

We don’t talk too much about training, fueling and performing for the low carb athlete BUT I feel that this in a fascinating topic to share and dive into – so hopefully you learn something new in this episode or experience an “ah ha”!

“After having gut health and weight problems over half my life, I use my naturopathic expertise and epigenetic intuition to help people understand their bodies and lives better to take part in their own rescue and receive the precise care that they need. My why is all about epigenetics. I was raised in SE Alaska on a pristine diet and active lifestyle yet my gut microbiome imbalance lead to obesity.

"Discovery of raw food plant based eating resulted in effortless release of weight and an inspiration to become a naturopathic doctor. Extensive post graduate training by the top experts in small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), intestinal methanogen overgrowth (IMO) and epigenetics lead me to acupressure, neuroscience and biofield therapies due to my own experiences with the profound affects of grief. It has been through this process that my psychic and mediumship abilities have been unleashed from hiding.

My passion is expanding the knowledge and term epigenetic intuition, my purpose is to be the light that guides people to find themselves, my mission is to stop the "never ending SIBO treatment" madness and get results!!

I believe everyone is intuitive and may relate to this in their own area of expertise or in a talent. I also believe people have they ability to develop their intuition and expand in additional areas in their lives. The ability to communicate this intuition about oneself to health experts who are also intuitive is an amazing combination for optimizing ones health.”

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