EP 49: Elad Gil (Angel Investor) - Solo Capitalist and Early Airbnb Investor Shares Secrets of Silicon Valley & the Worst Advice That Founders Get


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(00:00) Intro

(01:59) Welcome Elad Gil

(11:24) Working at Twitter vs Google

(12:48) Find your network

(14:55) Why do certain people have so much longevity?

(16:36) Angel Investing areas

(21:34) Finding Stripe in the early days

(25:19) What makes a good product market?

(28:18) Myths of Silicon Valley

(32:42) Decision-making process today vs back then

(35:22) Defining post-market fit

(40:05) Silicon valley lore of grinding is wrong

(46:19) Moving the needle

(49:01) Other silicon valley myths that aren't true

(56:06) Best cities to create a start-up in 2023

(1:02:02) Excitement for AI and other interesting new tech

(1:13:10) What's going on with Twitter?

(1:18:25) Two Modalities for long term success

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