Ep. 206: Kamala To Award Hurricane Relief Based on Skin Color


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In the wake of the devastation brought about by Hurricane Ian, Kamala Harris says that hurricane relief should be distributed based on equity (read: skin color). Liz breaks through the outright racism to show you what the world would actually look like if we played by Kamala’s book. Plus, this viral clips shows that the disparity between what politicians think voters want and what voters actually want has never been greater. And where the heck is Joe Biden? No where to be found, as usual. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.


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00:00 - Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show

05:54 - Kamala Harris calls for hurricane relief based on equity

11:29 - Politico tweet: DeSantis likes "the President’s wallet"

15:32 - Kamala Harris ignores reporter

18:53 - FEMA director contradicts herself

22:19 - Viral clip: "I’m voting for DeSantis & I’m a Democrat"

27:10 - Where is Joe Biden?

32:08 - The Democrats are the racists

37:57 - The most bananas clip of the day

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