Pig Processing Chat with Larry Masters of Underground Processing


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Special Guest Larry Masters will chat with Charlene Couch and Brittany Sweeney about processing and working with your processor. Larry Masters is the owner of Underground Farmers and Underground Processing, a USDA inspected meat processing company located in Walling, TN. He is also the President of the tech company, Cake Development Corporation, and a Marine Corps veteran.

Larry grew up in Shorewood, Illinois, but would frequently visit Sparta, Tennessee since he also had family in the area. His frequent visits to Sparta allowed him to learn the ins and outs of sustainable farming from his grandfather. This resulted in a passion for farming and the humane treatment of animals. He is looking forward to continuous growth in the agriculture sector, to bring more jobs in the community, and help new farmers and processors along the way.

Find Larry online at ...

https://www.undergroundprocessing.com/ https://www.undergroundfarmers.com/


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