Episode 104: I MYTH YOU LIKE CRAZY: Busting Myths on Love, Health, & Wealth w/ Doc Gia Sison and Victor Anastacio


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Na-myth, este, na-miss nyo ba ang trio namin? Don't worry, at isang grand reunion ang naganap with our faves, Doc Gia Sison and Victor Anastacio! BOOM! Long time no pod, pero parang walang nagbago. The usual kulitan, asaran, tawanan na may wisdom at matinding real talk — Why is it important to take care of ourselves and invest in our future? Sa hagupit ng isang global health crisis, nararapat lang na mag-reflect tayo at mas maging matalino sa kalusugan natin at ng mga mahal sa buhay. Along with busting the most common Filipino health myths, we give our takes on how we ought to take care of ourselves across different aspects during this pandemic, and how to start thinking of our future. Make sure to listen up 'til the end for a special giveaway ganap! Share your thoughts and experience on Instagram @thelinyalinyashow or twitter @linyalinya #TheLinyaLinyaShow. Special shout outs to our episode sponsor, Manulife (wooo!). Click here to learn more: https://manulife.pub/35hfQ26

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