117: LEARNING HOW TO LEARN - How to become a more effective learner w/ Lyqa Maravilla


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Sa dami ng available and accessible information na pwedeng malaman at matutuhan, lalo na online, saan at paano nga ba dapat magsimula? Siguro, bago matuto nang kung ano-ano, dapat munang matuto kung paano nga ba dapat matuto. We have on the show a very special guest-- a psychometrician, online educator, Youtube EduCreator (Team Lyqa), motivational speaker, teacher, author, and host-- Coach Lyqa Maravilla! Malamang, ito na nga ang isa sa pinakamalaman at may pinaka-may-kaalamang effisode natin sa The Linya-Linya Show. So ihanda na ang notebook, pen, and listen listen up, yo!


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