Natural Law: Hope for Humanity & Finding Light in the Darkness w/ Dr. Zach Bush #416


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As you remember, Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. He's also an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Our last conversation, which felt like an energy vortex of connectedness and truthfinding, episode 304, is one of my most streamed ever.

This week, he weaves at least a dozen thought patterns that might change your life forever. He is both flatly at peace with the end of all life and truthfully optimistic on our chances. You’re going to want to settle in for this one. Open your mind, and your notebook. Zach is a deep pool of mindblowing knowledge and perspective. I’m so excited to bring you this conversation.

His supplement brand, Ion, which we also cover, has been a total game changer for my gut health and overall wellbeing. They’ve been kind enough to share the benefits of their incredible products with listeners of this show. Go to and use the code Luke15 to get 15% off everything but subscriptions.

00:06:08 — Plant Medicine & The Infinite Knowledge Field

  • Plant medicine: unlocking what’s already within us
  • Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego by Nouk Sanchez
  • Pitfalls of therapeutic psychoactive substances
  • Zack explains that goosebumps feeling when you’re deeply in connection with someone
  • Understanding the universe as an infinite knowledge field
  • Alternate methods to finding this: breathwork, meditation, etc.
  • Psychedelic experiences as mere windows to the astral plane of consciousness

00:21:49 — Falling Out of Alignment with Natural Law

  • Mapping out the likelihood of human extinction
  • Uncovering clues in the Declaration of Independence
  • Incredible, yet forgotten lessons, from Iroquois leaders
  • The living in opposition-to-scarcity-to-ego pipeline
  • Zach’s time with the Achuar tribe in the Amazon
  • Lynne Twist being called to them in her dreams
  • Who or what is to blame for the false steps of our species? (it’s us)
  • Babies and toddlers’ connection to the cosmic field of energy
  • Masculine vs. feminine archetypes as they relate to ego
  • The shift in consciousness that’s occurred since 2019

00:52:57 — Understanding What We Are & Are Not

  • How we have access to all information in the universe
  • Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins
  • There are 27 dimensions, but only 4 are limited to the belief of time
  • Seeing past the veil of the egoic realm to perform miracles
  • Michaelangelo and other artists as capable of doing so
  • Consciousness as the one-dimensional space in which you interact with reality
  • You are an expression of all of the wisdom of the planet
  • Understanding the trauma histories within us
  • We are consumers of life, not creators

01:11:36 — Moving Forward As One

  • Love is not the fabric of life
  • No one has to learn how to recognize beauty
  • Soil’s place in our recovery
  • How bacteria communicates
  • The secret of survival is sharing information as fast as possible
  • Viruses are responsible for 50% of our genes
  • Comparing today’s circumstances to the most recent extinction event
  • Being a co-creator with the beauty of the universe
  • Finding sovereignty for soil

01:40:44 — Finding & Living in Truth

  • How do chemtrails affect soil biodiversity?
  • Skyrocketing cyanide levels in the atmosphere
  • How Coronavirus interacts with cyanide in the body
  • Direct correlation between global forest fires and the coronavirus
  • Exploring similar variables in the Spanish Flu
  • Zach shares a mindblowing perspective on the capability of 5G
  • CO2 is the secret to life, not our death nail
  • The energetic perfection of biology
  • Humanity as the cancer
  • To restore the soil is to restore everything

02:04:58 — What Zach is Working On

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