Healing Trauma, Ozone For Mold, Aluminum Detox, Shilajit, Keto Fad Diet Risks & More (Solocast Q&A) #417


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Tune in for another special Q&A solocast where I cover affordable red light therapy, healing emotional trauma stored in the body, detoxing with silica, water (of course), keto and fad diets, toxic mold, gray hair hacks, and so much more.

Big thanks to everyone to sent in questions. We have such a curious and inquisitive community, I really take great joy in compiling your questions and putting together these information-hub style episodes for you all. Join the Life Stylist groups on Facebook and Telegram to submit your questions for next month.

00:03:35 — Can you recommend high quality red light therapy that’s more affordable?

00:07:58 — We’re looking for a good water filtration system for our new home.

00:10:44 — Let’s talk about detoxing from aluminum.

00:15:10 — I’m doing keto and waking up at 3am while experiencing some liver tenderness, thoughts?

  • Luke’s experience on keto
  • Breaking down keto and other restriction diets
  • Prioritizing organic products and local farmer’s markets
  • Trusted delivery service: Daily Dose
  • Efficiency of food delivery
  • Luke’s personal diet
  • Good: organ meats, wild fish, ghee and butter, in-season fruits, bone broth, etc.
  • Bad: too much sugar, gluten, GMOs, glyphosate, and seed oils

00:29:14 — What's your favorite, not too pricey Shilajit?

00:32:11 — Can you recommend a legit place to order Sananga eye drops online?

00:34:57 — Does anyone have any recommendations for a non toxic mold bomb/fogger that works?

00:41:56 — Is there something I can do to remove emotions and trauma that doesn’t cost money?

01:00:04 — Tips on graying hair?

  • Mineral balance is key
  • Know your levels by doing a hair mineral analysis with Upgraded Formulas
  • And follow up with a consultation
  • Shilajit is also thought to help

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