Breathwork for Newbies, Bedroom EMF Tips, Calcification + Statins & Sleep Solutions (Solocast Q&A) #423


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Hello friends – it’s that time again, today we’ve got a July solocast coming in hot. As you all well know, I never stop experimenting. I am endlessly curious about my body, my health, my surroundings, and the unseen. Inevitably, this path leads me to learnings, knowledge that I’m happy to pass on to you (along with my esteemed guests) in the form of our usual weekly pods and with these solo offerings packed with real world tactical advice and recommendations.

As always, I am so happy and honored to shed light where I can. I appreciate all of the submissions and look forward to our next solo session in August.

00:03:07 — Colleen asks: Has anyone taken the online Wim Hof Method? And if so, has it changed your life at all?

00:08:10 — Liz asks: Does anyone know of a Faraday cage that's a natural fabric?

00:26:00 — Kelly Ann asks: Has anyone done a heart/lung scan?

00:36:50 — Tara asks: Does anyone have advice for me on what might be impacting my sleep? Specifically, why does my resting heart rate stay so high at night?

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