A Mystic Speaks: Reincarnation, Past Lives & Spiritual Simplicity w/ Gurudev (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) #420


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Gurudev, aka Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader. He is a mindset master, yoga guru, and so much more to the enlightened community – sharing his message while on a grueling tour around the world. He is a man with a divine mission, as we learn in this conversation. It’s an absolute honor to bring him to the airwaves of this podcast.

He joins me today for a deeply spiritual conversation where we consider life itself from the intellectual plane of a modern mystic genius. We talk about reincarnation, plant medicine, reaching enlightenment, sleep and meditation practices, and so much more.

Both his wit and wisdom will blow you away in this one. Stick around for a special guided meditation by Sri Sri as we wrap up.

00:05:57 — Modern Enlightenment: Who, Where & Why?

  • Why so many mystics come from India
  • There is no gender in spirit
  • The two roles of enlightenment

00:11:51 — The Truth About Reincarnation

  • What's the deal with reincarnation?
  • How long between cycles?
  • When does a soul enter the physical body?
  • Authenticating intuitive knowledge
  • Looking back to widen our context

00:28:34 — Different Avenues to a Higher Consciousness

  • Sri Sri on plant medicines
  • Silence retreats
  • Sky breathing meditation
  • Communing with interdimensional entities
  • Spirituality is like an ocean

00:40:04 — Spiritual Pursuit

  • The 7 layers of existence
  • Letting be and letting go
  • Measuring joy in units of sex
  • Gurudev’s sleep and meditation
  • Spirituality as learning to unlearn

00:54:41 – Guided meditation

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