Episode #189 - Creative Process: A Sticky Subject: All About Adhesivist


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Glue pun!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:17:44

There is less history to this character than many, but that doesn't stop us! If anything, we're excited to build him out! Especially with all the great folks that have given to much to The Adhesivist. Not sure what I'm talking about here? Listen and find out!

At the end of the episode, we talk about how the schedule is about to get weird: rather than the regularly scheduled Editor's Note #48, we'll have a interlude-type-thing, just for fun. Then, the NEXT week will be the Editor's Note, followed by Episode #189, though now off by a week. Which is OK! Everything will be fine! The Patreon supporters are already hard at work, voting for the episodes they want to hear in October AND November! If you're on the Letters Page Patreon, go vote now! And, if you're not a Patreon supporter, you can be, and immediately get access to that voting! What are you waiting for? Get in there!

We'll catch you next time!

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