The Letterman Podcast 028 Jody Ebert -The F**K YOU! Guy-


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We use the 'F' word a LOT on this particular episode of The Letterman Podcast. Don't worry; its not gratuitous, but we will disclaim it none the less. Jody Ebert, (no relation to Roger, that we know of) a long time actor as well as a director and screenwriter, professionally went in a direction he never could have predicted: he was the player in a reoccurring bit with David Letterman where he got to scream 'F**K YOU!' to him (not to mention Paul and Alan 'Big Red' Kalter) over 18 times from 2006 to 2012. If you want to see highlights of this, head over to the official Letterman YouTube channel and check it out. Then, for the love of God, come right back here and watch or listen to this episode, and multiple times for good measure. Jody happily talks about his boyhood relationship with the Stangal's, who helped him get the gig, his ACTUAL first time appearing on the show, the process and evolution of the bit, and much more! Jody and Mike have a fantastic, slightly insightful, always heartfelt conversation about Dave and his genius, the Pants family and how they welcomed Jody, and a major backstory of the 'FU Guy' that was filmed but never completed. This is a great episode for folks who enjoy going deep into some of the 'little things' that made Dave & Company so great, from someone who is extremely grateful to have been a part of it.

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