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In this episode, we talk with Ryan Alexander, the co-founder and managing director of No Meat May, a registered charity that challenges people to eliminate meat from their diets for the month of May for 4 big reasons; environment, health, animals and food systems.
From humble beginnings in 2013, No Meat May has quickly grown into a hugely successful global campaign with over 65,000 participants for 2021. With this year’s campaign, one of the main goals is reaching more men. We talk with Ryan about the many misconceptions surrounding meat consumption and masculinity, including some surprising outcomes for a recent study they commissioned.
In this episode we discuss:
• Ryan’s personal background and the motivation behind establishing No Meat May
• Our current consumption of animal products and impact on the environment, human health, animals and food security
• The inclusive approach and global appeal of the No Meat May campaign
• The demographics and motivations of people taking part in the challenge
• Men, meat-eating and perceptions of masculinity
• The resources and information available on the No Meat May website and social media platforms
• The positive outcomes from taking part in the No Meat May challenge
• The exciting plans for the future for this amazing charity
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