Professor Ian Shaw - Chemical Food Contaminants and Natural Toxins


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Professor Ian Shaw is highly regarded as an international expert on food safety, with extensive expertise in food chemical residues and their impact on human health. Ian leads the Toxicology Research Group at the University of Canterbury and has over 20 years of experience in academia, industry and government, which includes presenting at two TEDx talks, chairing the UK Pesticide Residues Committee and working as the National Food Safety Programme Manager at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), based in Christchurch.
Join us for a fascinating discussion around chemical food contaminants, natural toxins, GMOs, organic produce and Ian’s work on endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can make their way into our food supply. Does any of this actually warrant concern? Tune in to find out!
In this episode we discuss:
• Ian’s background and research history
• Food chemicals; the regulatory process, maximum residue levels, where they are found in our modern food supply and if they are of concern for human health
• Whether to wash or not to wash our fresh produce
• The natural toxins found in food
• Ian’s entertaining TEDx talks and his work on endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as BPA, DDT, Phthalates and Genistein
• The potential effects of genetically modified foods on human and planetary health
• Food safety considerations in pregnancy
• The organic food debate – is it actually the better choice?
• The story of the happy banana
• The book titled Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe, 2nd Edition
• And so much more – this one is packed full of info, you might want to have a pen and paper at the ready!
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