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Kennedy Zakeer is a successful account director whose life trajectory changed in 2016, after a harrowing experience working with orphaned rhinos in South Africa.
Kennedy now splits her time between the corporate world and saving rhinos in Africa, having established the Council of Contributors, a 501c3 organisation that raises funds to support ‘boots on the ground’ and ‘eyes in the sky’ organisations that are fighting to protect the rhino against the relentless poaching and the illegal horn trade.
With an average of 3 rhinos killed every single day, it’s a race against time to save these amazing creatures.
In this episode we discuss:
• Kennedy’s corporate background and how she splits her time between projects
• The motivation behind establishing the Council of Contributors
• Main focus areas for the Council of Contributors
• Past and future projects supported by the Council of Contributors and their highly collaborative, project-by-project approach, which ensures effective outcomes
• The current state of rhino poaching in South Africa and Kenya, and what drives the illegal horn trade
• Why we should all care about rhino conservation and the crucial role they play in sustaining a balanced ecosystem
• What we can do as individuals to take action on this important issue
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