Dr Wayne Hurlow - Success Through The CHIP Programme


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In this episode, we bring you the recording of Dr Wayne Hurlow's lecture, a GP based in Nelson. Here he discusses the turn-around success that is possible through the CHIP programme. Wayne details how Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease can be successfully treated through a whole foods plant-based diet.
Over the coming months, Evidence Based Eating NZ is delivering a series of health-focused public lectures that highlight the power of plant-based whole foods to restore health to all New Zealanders.
The Christchurch event, held on 22 May 2021, was themed ‘Our GP Frontline’ and this recording is part 2 of the 3 Christchurch lectures.
There are more events still to come, in Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland - please visit the Evidence Based Eating NZ website for more details and to register.
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