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Andrew Barnes is an innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of 4 Day Week Global. Andrew has made a career of market-changing innovation and industry digitisation, most recently in 2018 in New Zealand, where he piloted the 4-day week concept in his own business, Perpetual Guardian. The astounding results made waves around the world and sparked a global movement. Andrew’s staff were happier, healthier, more engaged, more focused and more productive, despite seeing a 20% reduction in working hours.
Here we talk to Andrew about the modern-day work environment and the multiple and wide-reaching benefits associated with the adoption of the 4-day week concept.
In this episode we discuss:
• Andrew’s background and motivation for piloting the 4-day work week
• The history of the five-day work week and the concerning rise of the ‘gig economy’
• Our typical productivity levels over a full 40hrs working week
• Changing the dynamics of a workplace to maximise productivity
• The numerous benefits of the 4-day week; from improved productivity and employee wellbeing, to a reduction in economic inequalities and a smaller environmental footprint
• The importance of this being a staff-led initiative
• Other key steps to successful implementation; which are discussed in further detail in Andrew’s book, ‘The 4 Day Week
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