Amy Taylor & Chris Huriwai - Milked: White Lies in Dairy Land


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Amy Taylor is an award-winning filmmaker and the owner of Ahimsa Films and Chris Huriwai is a vegan advocate, a world champion unicyclist and an extreme sportsman. Together they make up part of the phenomenal team behind the new documentary Milked, a feature documentary that exposes the whitewash of New Zealand’s multi-billion dollar dairy industry.
This Documentary follows Chris’s journey around Aotearoa, as he discovers the reality of the kiwi dairy farming fairy-tale and offers up potential solutions for a different way forward - one that would benefit animals, humans and the planet.
In this episode we discuss:
• Amy and Chris’s respective backgrounds and how they found themselves working together on this project
• Other members of the ‘dream team’ involved in the making of Milked; Peter Eastwood, Suzy Amis Cameron and Keegan Kuhn
• The explosion of Aotearoa’s dairy industry, the huge environmental impact of current farming practices and the political and economic strength of the industry
• The inspiration behind Milked, the filming process and the challenges of shooting on a shoe-string budget
• The unfortunate hesitancy of the dairy industry to participate in the documentary
• The key messages Amy and Chris want viewers to walk away with, after watching the film
• The potential alternatives New Zealand can transition to
• The relevance of this documentary to other countries outside of New Zealand
• The Milked premiere on 6th November and other upcoming viewing options
• And a lot more!
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