267 Small Business Growth Strategies with Madison Paige


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Today on The Legalpreneur Podcast, I welcome social media expert Madison Paige to discuss the best strategies to find your niche and increase sales. Creator of The Small Business Growth Podcast, Madison helps business owners stand out and sell out! As a lifelong entrepreneur, Madison discovered that the quickest way to increase sales was to simply be authentic. You don’t need the whole world to love you if you’ve built a community of dedicated fans that want every product you have to offer.
With Madison's approach to relationship marketing you can actually increase profits with a smaller targeted audience instead of trying to sell to the whole world. In this episode, she will help you build a genuine brand so you can foster a community that supports your values and loves your products.

To learn more about Madison, click on the links below:

Small Business Growth Podcast

Product to Profit Masterclass

IG: @thisismadisonpaige

Key Takeaways:

[2:40] Changing the narrative with community building and relationship marketing

[7:30] Become an influencer for your own product instead of forcing your product on everyone

[8:40] If you’re trying to talk to everybody you’re actually not talking to anybody

[12:40] Service based business need to be connected to your personal brand

[17:40] Instagram is the best social media to build and connect with your audience

[20:20] Don’t be afraid to be unique because that will set you apart and attract your community

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