Episode 49 - Learning Styles and Dual Coding


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This episode was funded by listeners like you. For more details on how to help support our podcast and gain access to exclusive content, please see our Patreon page. In today’s episode, we feature Peter Horneffer. Peter has been heavily involved in making medical education accessible, and one way has been through lecturio.com. You can learn more about his efforts by watching his TEDx talk.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, Megan and Althea cover a paper that tests learning styles and dual coding theories within one experiment. The paper was written by Cuevas and Dawson (2018) and you can see the paper here.



Cuevas, J., & Dawson, B. L. (2018). A test of two alternative cognitive processing models: Learning styles and dual coding. Theory and Research in Education, 16(1), 40-64.

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