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U.S. inflation hits a 30-year high, a nationwide truck driver shortage further derails the supply chain crisis, and a federal judge admonished our former president in a starkly-worded decision denying his claim to executive privilege over White House documents related to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th. Next, our new erotic/environmental segment "Dil-Do's and Dil-Don'ts" looks at how the sex toy industry is starting to lead towards greener pastures. Then, find out what The Boss's favorite sandwich is when Bruce Springsteen takes The Colbert Questionert, and then, it’s time for another episode of “Tea At The Plaza” with everyone’s favorite Late Show guest, Aubrey Plaza. Wait until you hear what she has to say about her famous co-stars like Kristen Stewart, Molly Shannon and Michael Caine. Aubrey’s latest project, “The Legend of the Christmas Witch,” is available everywhere starting November 16th.

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