John Michael Higgins, From ‘Best in Show’ to ‘Saved by the Bell’


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As the new Mr. Belding stand-in on Peacock’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot, John Michael Higgins is “basically a dunk tank clown,” in his words. The comic role of “old white man” is one the veteran character actor has come to accept later in his career. But he’s still probably best known for playing the younger, more flamboyant half of the gay couple with a Shih Tzu in the 2000 comedy classic ‘Best in Show’—a part he says he would never get today. In this episode, John opens up about his risky big break playing David Letterman in ‘The Late Shift,’ the unique challenge of improvising through Christopher Guest movies, what he learned from the late great Fred Willard and a lot more.

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