EP. 298- Greatest Hits - Volume 15


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As we celebrate over 5+ years of ‘THE LAST 10’ podcast… This LAST 10 special series is our BEST OF, my greatest hits. I believe EVERY single episode of the podcast until now, has had its own unique value but in this GREATEST HITS SERIES I’m bringing you the highlights of ONLY the very best.--

In these special episodes you’ll meet Michelle, a listener of the podcast, and also a member of my podcast production team. Michelle has lost 70 POUNDS and has completely transformed this area of her life listening to the podcast and applying what I teach. (You’ll get goosebumps listening to her story and I’m pretty certain you won’t help but smile yourself, as you listen to her share the joy and confidence she’s been able to create!)

If you’re a new listener of the podcast, THIS is gonna be such the most amazing way to go on a powerfully-curated, guided tour as you listen to ONLY our most popular episodes- from the very beginning.

And if you’ve been a listener for years, perhaps you’re even one of my clients - I INVITE YOU TO JOIN US. You’ll be able to hear the life-changing teachings, the game-changing analogies and all the classic ‘LAST 10’ concepts in a whole new way, at a whole new level from where you are, in your journey today.

Volume Eleven- LISTEN NOW

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