EP. 292- Radical Self-Honesty


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Women mistakenly think that what's required for losing weight (especially the last 10 pounds!) is discipline and restriction - I STRONGLY DISAGREE.

If you want to lose this weight AND be done feeling like you’re in a constant battle with your body and with food, what's actually needed is:

Radical Self Honesty and Radical Self Trust.

More specifically…

What will be necessary is the skill of intentional decision making via Radical Self Honesty and Radical Self Trust.

{And btw- this is true NO MATTER your chosen food approach}

Really hear me on this, because it will change everything for you.

If you want to create transformation in BOTH your measurable results (i.e. the pounds you want to lose) AND in your qualitative experience (the way you experience food-related decision-making and HOW you feel in your body)...

→ You will have to be RADICALLY HONEST with yourself about what you’re doing that isn’t working.

And you’ll have to do this (*radical self-honesty) ALL THE WAY until you’ve created exactly the results you’re wanting.

What that I teach on the podcast (and that my clients learn in depth, step-by-step inside my Last 10 Program) is not about succumbing to external societal standards-



YOU get to decide what your goal is.

YOU get to decide the things you want to change.

YOU get to decide when you’ve arrived at your goal.

This is NOT about what society ‘thinks’ your results should be. (eff all that!)This is NOT about any other human or their opinion about your behavior/choices/goals.


You’ve decided on your exact goal.

And now in order to create this for yourself, you’ll have to be RADICALLY HONEST WITH YOURSELF ABOUT WHAT'S JUST NOT WORKING.

In this episode I break down the WHY, the HOW, and the TOP 4 WAYS I see smart women getting this wrong (keeping themselves stuck and frustrated without new results).


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